Blueberry Auto is 9 Weeks Old Today, and Durban Poison, Photo, Sex Unknown, Sprouted Today

My first 100% started in jiffy puck plant!  I didn’t soak the Durban Poison seed in water, I just put it in a moist jiffy puck under a heat lamp basically and it sprouted.  Yay! I will use this method from now on!   I will need to plant AK-47 Auto, Blue Mammoth Auto, and Durban Poison this evening.


Durban Poison grew from bag seed so it’s a photo plant (a pure sativa from South Africa) and will need to be upstairs on timed lighting.  Praying it will be a girl!   The fun part about photo plants for me is the topping, sculpting, and super cropping that you can’t really do much with the autos.   Once it looks branchy and full I can switch the lights to 12/12 and find out then if my plant is a boy or a girl.  If it’s a girl I can make lots of clones – yay!  Wish me luck!


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