My Current Family of Four

I’m a proud Momma, what can I say 🙂


In back are Blue Mammoth Auto at 1.5 weeks old, AK-47 at 2.5 weeks old, and in front are Blueberry Auto at 9 weeks old, and Durban Poison (bag seed photo, sex unknown) at one day old.

This Durban Poison is AGGRESSIVE!  Yay!   The autoflowers are so much smaller, which works out well for me, but since Durban Poison will eventually go upstairs she will have a lot more room to get big and tall and s/he will eventually get a nice big pot.  Let’s hope it’s a girl!

I am a jiffy puck convert – I’ve had 2 seeds flawlessly germinate in them and I will never germinate seeds any other way again.  I will also use them to grow tomatoes and other garden yum yums this spring.   I’ve always been a bit of a green thumb but never really gave much thought to nutes until I started growing cannabis.  I will definitely use some of the same stuff for tomatoes, like the cal-mag, molasses, and Grow Big.

Someday I may have to just bite the bullet and get a grow tent, but I really enjoy having them out in the open in my kitchen.  I gaze upon them and talk to them a lot 🙂



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