Just Saying High This Friday Night

Good [late] evening, Stoners!   Just sipping some whisky while smoking flower and vaping Blue Magoo.  It’s freezing in Portland, Oregon and we are scheduled to have some very nasty freezing rain and dangerous road conditions this weekend.  I’m so glad I got groceries at lunch because I plan on staying in and cooking a lot – got chicken soup going in the crockpot at the moment, always comforting 🙂

I’m also glad I picked up some new weed this week and that I have enough for a few weeks. The special at Glisan Buds earlier this week was Blue Avatar, which smells wonderful and is a hybrid.  I also picked up an eighth of Strawberry Scout, which is listed on the label as a hybrid as well.  Neither strain is listed in Leafly but I assume the parents of Strawberry Scout are Strawberry Cough and Girlscout Cookies..  I still have a lot of Bruce Banner #3 left (delightful!) along with Gorilla Glue and a couple of bowl’s worth of Purple Hindu Kush.

Blueberry Auto only has a few weeks left til harvest and I’m hoping that even though the yield will be small that at least her buds are sticky and dank.  I’m experimenting with AK-47 Auto and Blue Mammoth Auto keeping them in smaller pots so that it will allow them more light, which I think might be more important.  I have this weird setup, I grow under the hood of my kitchen stove with a huge cfls bulb.  We’ll see what happens.  The real fun will be in early May when I can put them outside where they will get big!

As usual, the never ending dream of one day becoming cannabissly self sufficient!




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