Blueberry Auto at 10.5 Weeks Old

She’s getting frosty!  Bud photography with a cell phone and jeweler’s loupe is tricky, this is the best I could muster for tonite:


She smells fantastic, it’s just gonna be another really small yield, smaller even than Black Cream, I think.  Meanwhile, of the two new autoflower babies, Blue Mammoth is going strong, stronger than any other auto I’ve grown so far.  Yay!  The freebie seed, AK-47, looks fine but is small.   I will keep AK-47 in the pot she’s in now, but Blue Mammoth will get the bigger one that Blueberry Auto currently occupies.

In other news, I brought the bag seed Durban Poison upstairs to have it’s own light. It’s a bit homely looking at the moment, but it will perk up soon.  Tomorrow it gets bat poop, yum yum!  lol   It’s still in that fragile stage.  Hoping hard it’ a girl!






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