T-Break Time :(

Well Stoners, my lungs are telling me I must take a tolerance break.

I never used cannabis much until it became legal here in Oregon.  For the past year I’ve gone six or seven days without it in some form, so as you can imagine my tolerance is pretty high now.

The Portland area suffered a major snow storm the last week and a half and being snowed in, I partook much more than usual. As a result, my lungs aren’t happy.  I am prone to pulmonary issues (it’s in my family’s genes on both sides) so I absolutely must abstain right now unless I want to catch pneumonia.

I’ve completed one full day of my month commitment 🙂  Golly I survived and everything.  It will be interesting to see what happens REM Rebound wise.

I can’t wait to see how high I get smoking for the first time in a month!  I’m sure one or two hits will kick my butt!  I plan to do this with my home grown Blueberry (autoflower).  She will be ready to chop down in a week or two tops.  She already has frosty trichs, I’m just waiting to see a little bit of amber first.

The yield will be small, maybe a quarter if that?   However, in a month my AK47 and Blue Mammoth autoflowers will be only a few weeks from harvest themselves, and they are at least double the size of Black Cream and Blueberry. Yay!  Part of my dream of being cannabissly self-sufficient is to only use my own and never hit a dispensary again.  The vape cartridges I made turned out perfectly, I just needed more kief I think.  When I come off the T-Break though they will be plenty strong!

I tossed the Durban Poison bag seed sex unknown plant that was upstairs.  The seed was a smaller one and the baby was weak looking.  Since I got over 40 seeds in bag seed I wasn’t too sad about this.  I started one big fat healthy looking seed a couple days ago and hope to have fun with that one.

As you know I’m pretty much an autoflower only gal but what I miss about my photo plants is trimming them, topping them, super cropping them, high stress training, etc whereas with autoflowers you pretty much just have to let them go wild with minimal trimming and training.  Also, Durban Poison is such a good strain!   Getting bag seed is so much fun (for me) it will be one thing I miss once I’m cannabissly self-sufficient 🙂


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