Chopped Down Blueberry Auto

Depressed as hell today, I woke up this morning with Donald Trump as president of the United States and just want to cry.  I decided to cheer myself up by harvesting Blueberry Auto.  She’s 12.5 weeks old and has lots of frosty trichs and I will have fun trimming in 10 days or so.  After she’s cured for a month or more I can smoke it, and my plan is to come off my T-Break with my hopefully fruity delicious home grown!

I was surprised at how few roots she had.  This makes me feel a lot better about keeping my other 2 autos in the the smaller pots.   My outdoor autos this spring though will be in large pots for sure.

Time to grind up the rest of my flower (there’s not a ton left) and use it for edibles since I can’t smoke or even vape right now, lungs just to touchy.  So I guess this isn’t a true T-Break, but soon this will be gone too.

It’s not really that big a deal.  In a way I’m looking forward to the T-Break now because when I take that first hit in a month or so I should be high as fuck on my homegrown and that’s gonna be soooo much fun and personally rewarding!   I hope to just smoke less after that so my tolerance doesn’t get this high again. Ha!  We’ll see.  It was so fun this time last year when I first started using cannabis on a regular basis how high I got from just 2 hits 🙂  an eighth lasted me around 2 months, now that might last me a week at best?

Peace Love and Joy, Everyone.  Crazy times ahead.   Please volunteer and help those in need if you can, especially to strangers.


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