Today is Day 6 of T-Break and REM Rebound is a Real Thing

So I can tell by my lungs I’ll need to take a good month off of smoking and vaping cannabis.  I’m doing just fine without, it’s not a big deal, except that I’m having trouble falling asleep again (which is why I primarily use cannabis in the first place) and when I do fall asleep I’m assaulted with crazy dreams, usually surrounding conflict of some sort.

I wonder how long this goes on?  Or did I always dream like this and just don’t remember since I’ve been using cannabis daily for a little over a year?  I’ll be happy when they go away, I have enough conflict in my waking life!

Blueberry Auto is drying out and perfuming the floor 🙂  I have this to look forward to when I come off my tolerance break.  At that time Blue Mammoth and AK47 should be ready to harvest and that will be fun too.  It would be a dream come true if between my lowered tolerance and incoming crops that I will be cannabissly self sufficient!

Hope Everyone has a good week!


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