Update on the Girls

To help cheer myself up from the daily news of the Trump Regime I cut off the large Blueberry Auto branches and have the nugs out drying.  There’s still a lot more trimming to do in a week or so but the first steps are complete.  She smells sweet and dank, and while it’s a pathetically small yield, I’m still very happy with the quality.

I’m still on the tolerance break but did take a few hits off the vape pen tonite to inject some sparkle into my otherwise sad day.  Unlike alcohol which is a depressant, cannabis helps me look at things more objectively and creatively.   We’ll see what happens . I’d love to be able to vape a little if possible every day.  I won’t be able to smoke flower for a good month :/  I’m gonna make a good batch of oil this weekend and make a hopefully potent chocolate cake.

Blue Mammoth Auto and AK47 Auto are doing great!   I’m still waiting for Durban Poison bag seed to sprout (I gave the other one to a friend) and as usual, praying hers and mine are both female!




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