Back to Vaping, Yay! Making Way for Flower

Well Stoners, Happy Super Bowl Sunday!


I’m happy to say that while I’m still coughing a little bit, for the most part it is gone and I’m happy to at least be vaping again! It will still be awhile before I can smoke flower, but vaping is a mighty fine alternative 🙂   Really enjoying some Blue Magoo sparkles this evening and am about to take a magical Magooey bubble bath in a bit..

This evening I went through and cleaned all of my pipes, bongs, and bubblers for when I return from Kauai in early March and can smoke flower again.  It’s a yucky task, but so rewarding too when the salt and rubbing alcohol solution turns mud brown and the glass pieces all sparkle again.  Nothing like taking the first few hits from a clean pipe!

Just patiently waiting for Blueberry to cure.  It will be a month minimum before it smells and tastes good enough to smoke.  I don’t expect big yields from Blue Mammoth Auto and AK47 Auto but they only have maybe 7 weeks left tops til harvest themselves.  I’ll plant Skunk #1 and Black Cream next, but I’m most excited for the crops after that, which will be outside.  I daydream about Spring a lot lately!


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