The Day After My Birthday Blue Mammoth and AK47

Yesterday I turned 49, and I had a nice day.  I also got on the rag yesterday, and now that I’m in perimenopause my periods are like what they were when I was a teenager – heavier, and of longer duration, only the hormones are worse, I cry a lot for no reason, and that’s frustrating.

So yesterday I had a nice day, but today for some reason I’m depressed and lonely as hell.  It’s the first blue sky we’ve had in days and I should go for a walk, but I just….haven’t.  I know in my mind this will make me feel better, yet I’m not doing it.

I’m coloring and listening to true crime so maybe that’s part of it, I should listen to something more uplifting?  Take a nap?  Do a workout?  I am my own worst enemy sometimes!

A nice part about today is that I can vape, and I’m getting high.  I decided to switch from true crime to Pokemon cartoons and I’m smiling a little.

Blue Mammoth and AK47 have lots of densely placed buds and Blue Mammoth’s leaves are also full of crystals!  NICE!  It smells like Blue Cheese, true to its description.  AK47, though a week older, is shorter but also densely packed with buds.  both plants have less stem so far than Black Cream and Blueberry.  I’d say both plants have about 6 weeks left t go.  I’m not sure I’ll have any better yields with these than I have with other indoor autos, but I love them anyway.  I don’t have a fancy light setup so my expectations aren’t to high either.  Now my outdoor grows will be another story; I do have high expectations for those.

Blueberry is still curing and has a good 3 weeks at least before it can be tested for pipe smoking.  It will last a week at the very most but I’m hoping it will taste delicious and get me high like the Black Cream did.  Ideally after next season’s grow I should have enough to last me all year.  Here’s hoping!!!  God I can’t wait to start!!


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