Blue Mammoth and AK47

At just over 7 weeks on the left is Blue Mammoth Autoflower.  When I walk into the house after work I instantly smell her, and she smells like the Blue Cheese strain.  The leaves are getting coated with crystals, and she is only middle aged at this point!

On the right is AK47, who is a week older, and much shorter.  This was from the free pack from Southern Oregon Seeds, their house brand.   She smells great too, but the yield will be small again.  I’m not expecting huge amounts from Blue Mammoth either, but it could be better than what I’ve had so far indoors at least.  I only have one more low yield indoor grow left until I can put two crops of four outside, where the magic should really happen, judging by pics of others’ outdoor autoflowers from the Pacific Northwest that I see online.

The harvested Blueberry is still curing but I snuck a tiny nug from the jar to sample tonite.  It smelled and tasted like generic marijuana, but it did get me high and I know that in 3 weeks or so this will smell and taste much better, and more like blueberry.  It’s so rewarding to smoke your own homegrown though, I couldn’t resist sneaking a sample this evening!

Once again, dreaming of sometime next October or so when I will have potentially grown enough cannabis for personal use to last me all of 2018.   That would indeed bring me a tremendous sense of satisfaction.


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