Mystery Mix Magic

Happy Hazy Sunday, Stoners!

I’m back from vacation and after the month tolerance break and this last week plus tolerance break imposed by vacationing in a non-legal state, I’m vaping some Boss OG and having a very nice day coloring.

In my pipe is a bowl of mystery mix.  Well, it’s only a partial mystery: I was saving the remains of less favored weed in a jar to use in my next batch of edibles, and I know that some of it is Lemon Haze and Harle-Tsu, I just can’t remember what else.

I’m broke at the moment from buying too many coloring books, but that is a story for another blog.  My dwindling checking account is  grateful that vape cartridges last such a long time!  I still have 4 partially used carts of a high CBC strain, Blue Magoo, LA Confidential, and Boss OG.  I would guess that between these four I have a good month or more before they are all gone.

I have some homegrown Blueberry flower that I’ve been enjoying immensely, not because it’s super dank and potent but because it’s my own and it gets me high.  To my surprise I still had some Purple Hindu Kush in my grinder, and then I remembered the Mystery Mix I was gonna use for edibles and that is currently getting me high af as I color.

My ultimate goal is to never again hit a dispensary for flower and just smoke my own, though I will probably always go there for more vape cartridges.   At the rate I am going and since I will be on vacation again in a month, another 10 day tolerance break,  I can see that goal may have already been achieved!

Blue Mammoth is perfuming the whole downstairs and she along with AK-47 continue to become more dense and frosty.   It’s my guess they have at least 2 weeks left before harvest.  When I get back from London I will have that to smoke and I’ll be close to harvesting 2 indoor plants of Skunk #1.

After that, the real fun begins with OUTDOOR AUTOFLOWER GROWS.  This is where I will finally achieve VOLUME and actually have some stored in jars to store for future use throughout the year and I should always have a steady supply of homegrown after that.

PPP Everyone!


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