Strain Review: Sweet Meringue by Novik Industries

It’s been awhile since I’ve tried new flower, but my friend gave me some cash for her part of the restaurant bill and then we went to The Green Remedy Dispensary on Powell afterward, so of course I had to get something!  The cheap $25 eighths weren’t dank enough for me so I got 2g instead of Sweet Meringue, which isn’t listed in Leafly.  This one tested at 19.91% THC and 0% CBD.  I picked this one because it smells and tastes WONDERFUL!

I don’t have any more information on this strain but it feels like a sativa hybrid to me.  It smells and tastes softly of sweet guava and renders a lovely high.  I’m just fighting the inevitable arrival of Monday morning this Sunday night with this spring fever inducing flower and enjoying the daphne scented breezes these early spring days.  While I outwardly bitch about daylight savings time and springing forward, I must confess the longer days are nice to emerge into again.

Anyway, Sweet Meringue is a generically happy, uplifting strain and it appeals to my sweet tooth.  Hope everyone has a highly elevated week ahead!


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