Happy St. Paddy’s Day + Harvest Time for Blue Mammoth Auto!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day, Stoners!  I bought myself a six pack of Worthy IPA for the occasion and took another dab.  I’m loving the high I feel from dabs so far, it’s different somehow and more pleasant than flower and vaping, at least the one strain I’ve tried.

I keep checking AK-47’s trichomes and they are still on the clear side.  Since she is a week older than Blue Mammoth I didn’t check Blue Mammoth’s trichs much.

Well this evening I decided to check Blue Mammoth’s trichs first, and some of them were amber!  Yay!  In about 10 days I can trim her and start curing.  She’s small, but so dank, I can’t wait to smoke her bud!  All of her leaves are super frosty too, this will be my best trim yet and that makes me giddy.


if you think this is small, check out poor AK-47 auto (I love her anyway)


I placed tw0 Skunk #1 seeds in some water and will put them in a jiffy puck Sunday evening.  I picked the smallest seeds of the 5 for this last indoor grow because I want the rest for my outdoor grows this season.  I can hardly wait to try growing autoflowers outside where they should get really big compared to what I’ve achieved inside in my very amateur grow setting!!


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