Dabs <3

I continue to be amazed at the efficacy of dabs.  I wisely started out using a very teensy bit and “Whoa Nelly!” I was blown away!  The high is different than that of weed and vaping concentrates with the pen.

The smoke is tastier than that of weed and vaping concentrates, and purer tasting too.   It’s full, pure flavor, and you can feel the effects almost immediately, I feel like I have the body high of an edible mixed with a high from herb all perfectly fused together.  To me dabbing renders a first class flawless high, unless of course you do too much – then I imagine it could be a terrible experience, which is why I’ve gone very easy with it.  I love that such a little goes such a long way!   When my friend first gave me her 4 kinds of leftover shatter it didn’t look like much, but now that I see a rice sized piece will be enough for 2 days worth of dabbing I’m realizing that she really left me a lot!

She couldn’t remember the names of the 4 strains, but said they were indica or indica leaning.  I kind of want to pick up a sativa at Glisan Buds for their Waxy Wednesday special but I will definitely have to be careful with that and try it out on a weekend.  This indica or indica dominant one I’ve been using is pretty potent as it is, the sativas can really wig you out if you’re not careful!   Maybe I’ll just get a sativa cartridge for the vape pen instead, as I’m almost out of Boss OG and the rest I have are indicas.  I wish I could get Select Strains’ Hawaiian Skunk again, that one was BOMB, the best cartridge I ever bought.

Happy Shatterday, Everyone!









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