Cartridge Review: Select Strains Watermelon (Wat)

It’s Waxy Wednesday at Glisan Buds and I am low on cartridges/oil to vape.  All they had left were three hybrids, and the budtender, whose advice to me has always been spot on, recommended the Watermelon.  OMG she did not give me a bum steer!  Watermelon tastes super sweet and just like watermelon!  The Select Strains label says it’s a hybrid and tested at 81% THC and .59% CBD.   On Leafy they say it’s 80% indica, but mine really does feel more like a hybrid, and it’s wonderful!  I got really high off just a few short drags, wow!  The sweet fruity taste will make you think for a millisecond that are in Waikiki.


The flower special was Blackberry Kush, a favorite of mine that makes me horny 🙂  I was low on indica flower and this is perfect!

I harvested both Blue Mammoth Auto and AK-47 Auto and have 2 baby Skunk #1 Autos sprouting.  I’m excited to see how big they get indoors and what they smell like!

After that, I will be in gardener glee, for outdoor growing begins!  I can’t wait.


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