It’s Saturday, and I’m High AF from Dabs

Happy Weekend, Stoners!

I feel like I’m falling in love with ganja all over again these days with dabs 🙂  It’s Saturday and I’ve had a couple of dabs, one bigger than I’m used to, and I haven’t been this high in ages – how fun!  I’m so grateful my friend gave me her shatter when she quit doing them, I just don’t know what strain or data therein that I’m dabbing on.  All I can say is that this high is more deeply felt, I feel like I’m on a vacation when I dab.  I only dab when I know I’ll be home and not interacting with people.  I just wanna be in my own dreamspace when I do this because I’m truly not that functional!

The two Skunk #1 Autos in jiffypucks have been moved to their forever indoor pots.   It’s always exciting to see how they will grow, will they be big? Dense?  Bountiful?  I do love them all no matter what but of course I’m on a quest to find the biggest and dankest.

I put two Durban Poison bag seeds in water and will put them in jiffypucks in a couple of days.  Praying that the cat sitters won’t mess these 4 up while I’m in London 🙂  and of course praying that one of two bag seeds is a girl!

Who knows what this second season of growing will bring?   I learned a lot from last season, but so much can go wrong, more than I ever knew.   Maybe by having 2 crops of 2 autoflowers and 1 crop of 2 photo Durban Poisons I can further differentiate?  If nothing else I will continue to grow inside as well so that I can at least generate a small but guaranteed personal amount to smoke.  It’s looking like Blue Mammoth gave me a little more than an 8th dry?  So not a lot, but still $40 worth?  Flower is lasting me a long time these days since I often vape and now dab.

Time will tell!  Hope everyone is staying elevated today!



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