Two Bag Seed Durban Poisons in Jiffy Pucks + Sincere Flattery

The two Skunk #1’s Autos are growing fast and are robust!  I’m so pleased so far, and pray they will do okay while I’m on vacation.

I soaked some bag seed Durban Poisons in water for a few days and they are just putting out a shoot so I put them in jiffy Pucks.  The ones I started before came out strong, gigantic, hearty and fast and I gave them away to a friend.  I’m hoping these long lost cousins will do the same so I don’t have to worry about them while on vacation either.

I don’t talk about it much here but from fall though the end of spring when I come home from work I immediately take a dab and go upstairs to color.  I am obsessed with coloring and adult coloring books and it destresses and soothes me like nothing else does.  All of this is even better when high, I’m more forgiving of my mistakes and willing to work with them and be kinder to myself.  I’ve been absorbed in this hobby for a little over a year – the same time I started smoking pot regularly, actually!

Anyway, over time I’ve gotten better, and I post my good ones in a Facebook coloring group.  A couple of the mandalas I’ve done lately have gotten a lot of likes, and this evening I got a friend request from a moderately known coloring book author!  This is the second such request I’ve received.  I haven’t yet colored anything from their books, but I do have one of the ladies’ books and will color a mandala from her book when I come home from London.  I would love it if one of my colorings was featured on her page or on a back cover of a future book!

I’m vaping more of that Watermelon by Select Strains tonite, and it still tastes wonderful!  I’ve smoked only indica/indica hybrid tonite to help me sleep.  It’s bedtime now, but I’m still kind of wired.  I wish I could stay up all night and color, but what makes me most happy is getting up at 4:00am and getting my workout done.  It is 8:11, eleven minutes past my bedtime.  A few more vapes and a YouTube sleep meditation soundtrack ought to do the trick!

PPP Everyone!


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