Back from London + Skunk #1 Autos

I was worried the catsitters might have messed up my plants but they did not.  These two Skunk #1 Autos are doing GREAT!  These are the biggest indoor autos I’ve grown so far -yay!

The Durban Poison bag seed, as suspected, had a lot of stretch:


On Sunday I will put these in large-ish pots outside and bury them up to their necks.  I hope it won’t be too cold and rainy out there for them!  These are just bag seed plants, who knows if either of them are even girls?  Still, part of me will feel really smug if I can get some yield from bag seed plants!   And the clones… guarantees for future grows if one of these two is a girl!

So the beer in London isn’t strong at all, I wound up drinking wine there instead much of the time.  I’m back home in Portland, Oregon, where the microbrews are out of this world, and the 8.2% Elysian Space Dust IPA I’m sipping on kicks the crap out of any brews I drank there!

I’m of course smoking pot today too, for the first time in around a week and a half.  Love how my weakest weed is getting me high – yay!  No need to vape or dab for awhile 🙂  The Blue Mammoth Auto and AK-47 Auto are curing well and smell good!  I have plenty of other weed to use up first and don’t see needing to visit a dispensary anytime soon.

Hope everyone has an elevated weekend!


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