Skunk #1 in Early Bloom

I haven’t written in awhile;  I’ve been kinda depressed and haven’t tried any new weed, just using up what I have.  The Blue Mammoth Auto after 2 months of curing is smelling nice and strong!  I’m so happy about this!  This was a lesson in patience, and it was worth the wait.

One of the Skunk #1s died, somehow the base of the stem was weak and wobbly and it broke . The other one is looking very nice!


A friend at work gave me a lamp she wasn’t using anymore so I have me another grow light!  What I may do is try and keep one photo plant going in the bathroom while I continue to do autos downstairs.  Hmm!

Both of the Durban Poison bag seed saplings died.  I had put them out a bit too early.  I have 2 more in jiffy pucks and one of them sprouted so we’ll just keep trying 🙂  I have lots of DP bag seed.  I also have 2 Night Queen Auto seeds waiting to germinate.

Meanwhile, Skunk #1 above should be ready to harvest in maybe 6 weeks?   I have had so much fun growing autos indoors that even if I’m not too successful again outside I won’t be too too bummed because I have a slow but steady supply of weed being grown inside all the while.


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