Dabbable Review: Pineapple, by Bhombchelly’s

It was Waxy Wednesday at Glisan Buds so I took advantage of the 15% Waxy Wednesday discount and a 10% more off discount from a text coupon and bought my first dabbable, Pineapple BHO extract by Bhombchelly’s.

My friend gave me some unlabeled extracts when she gave up dabbing but they are all indicas, so I wanted a sativa but wound up with Pineapple, a hybrid.  As with the vape cartridges, there is no ash or ashy taste so the pineapple is truly candy sweet fruity and pure tasting.  Exhaling was literally a sweet pleasure and I soon felt sativa like effects of the Pineapple strain:  energetic, high, happy, mental clarity.

I live in Portland, Oregon, where it rained 149 days in a row this year.  As you might imagine, anything tropical tasting is a welcome delight and pineapple was no exception.  Mine tested at 70.9% THC and .3% CBD.


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