Score at Glisan Buds Today!

It’s Waxy Wednesday at Glisan Buds, so I bought my first dabbable, Pineapple BHO extract by Bhombchelly’s.  My friend gave me some unlabeled indicas when she gave up dabbing and I have 3 more kinds of that, so I wanted a sativa.  It’s tasty!  Review to follow.   I got 15% off since it was Waxy Wednesday, plus I got an additional 10% off from a text coupon.  I also picked up 2 grams of the special of the day, Sunset Sherbert, review also to follow, and lastly 1.5 grams of Alpha Blue.

The best part was the Sunset Sherbet was cheap today because it was seedy.  I exclaimed, “I love seeds, please give me the seediest nugs you have!”.  So she went in the back room and just gave me some seeds, though some may also be Durban Poison and Dog Shit Cherry Pie.  Anyway, I never turn down free seeds, and am hoping I’ll find more in the nugs I bought tonight, but so far they have been seed free.

As you might imagine I’m pretty high at the moment 🙂  I have finally decided on my 2 crops of autoflowers this season.

Crop 1:  2 Night Queen autos (sprouted and doing well) + 2 Black Cream autos
Crop 2:  1 Blue Mammoth auto, 2 Skunk #1 autos, and 1 AK-47 auto

It’s been a crazy busy stressful work week this week – not in a bad way or anything, but I’m definitely wound up and Lady Ganja is helping me destress and smile at the end of the day.


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