Strain Review: Sunset Sherbet (Sun)

I totally scored today at Glisan Buds, largely due to the fact that the flower special, Sunset Sherbet, was on sale because it was seedy.  I exclaimed, “I LOVE seeds!

Please give me the seediest nugs you have for my 2 grams’ worth!”. Bless her heart she just went in to the back room and gave me some seeds, maybe a dozen? Some might also be Dog Shit Cherry Pie and Durban Poison though, so who knows 🙂

Mine tested out at 18.82% THC and .2% CBD. It’s a 60/40 indica / sativa hybrid and I am getting high af! It smells pungent, earthy, and sweet all at once, like being in a sacred place in Hawaii where hot lava meets guava tree fruit.. it instantly made me feel warm and happy inside like I was on summer vacation. I feel both the indica and sativa effects – relaxed but with a cerebral punch / headband feeling. I’m also feeling a tingle at the bottom back base of my tongue, oddly.

I give Sunset Sherbet full marks! I’m praying now that one of those seeds that was given to me is a girl and is Sunset Sherbet! Better yet, I’ll find a seed in purchased nugs and then I’ll know they are for sure Sunset Sherbet.



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