Strain Review: Alpha Blue (Abl)

Tonite I’m getting high with Alpha Blue, and I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have chosen this one for night time?? ha ha yes, this is a sativa according to Leafly, its parents are Blue Dream and NYC Diesel, and since I love both of those I knew I couldn’t go wrong with Alpha Blue!

The Alpha Blue that I picked up from Glisan Buds tested out at 20.78% THC and .06% CBD.  I feel wide awake, energetic, and just devoured 4 small Asian bananas.  Now I’m wrestling with my inner self, do I really want peanut butter toast right before bed?

Alpha Blue is definitely best for daytime use or if you need an energy boost. It smells wonderful, like sweet berry with zing.   My mind keeps leaping back to childhood when I would have dreams of flying amidst flying teddy bears and kites.  Off to go color a mandala.



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