Strain Review: Blue Mammoth Auto

Yes, I’m reviewing my home grown!   The Blue Mammoth has cured for over two months and I’m really enjoying it.  I can’t wait to grow it outside this year and see how big it gets! The nugs came out super frosty, more than any other I’ve grown inside to date.  Blue Mammoth’s parents are Blue Cheese and Skunk #1, 80% indica, 20% sativa.

It smells and tastes quite a bit like Blue Cheese only more earthy.  I haven’t had my weed tested (I wonder how much it costs to do that?) but it’s definitely doing the job.  Blue Mammoth is having  a happy indica effect on me, I don’t wanna get out of this chair, I just  wanna keep smiling and coloring all night, in this chair.  I feel a bit of pressure in my head and am really stoned.

Of course my home grown isn’t of dispensary caliber – yet, anyway!  I did use Botanicare’s Berry terp enhancer and I think it did improve the taste over prior crops where I only used molasses.

I’m certain that what I grow outside will be far superior to what I’ve grown under the oven hood in my kitchen 🙂  Praying that between the 8 plants I grow this season that I will have enough to last me the year!



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