Both Night Queen Autos Outside, Two Black Cream Autos in Jiffy Pucks

I’m so excited!  The two Night Queen Autos are outside!  I’ve waited for this day for months!   The Black Creams should be ready to go out this weekend, I wager.

If all goes as planned, this should supply me for the year, but of course I will have a second crop of four plants once those are harvested.  Crop two will be two Blue Mammoth Autos and two Skunk #1 autos.

Lastly, I have two Durban Poison photo plants that will go into the ground.   These are just for fun, if they make it, great, if not, that’s fine too.  However, if one were a girl it could potentially supply me with plants all year long and that would rock!

Man, if I do well this season I won’t have to grow inside anymore and my kitchen area can look like a kitchen area instead of a greenhouse!

It’s been a crazy week at work – we moved to a different floor and will be really happy when this week is over and we are all settled in to our new space.   Tonite I’m going home to light a fire on the back patio and 710 with a nice indica dab!


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