Strain Review: Sour Apple (Sa)

The special of the day at Glisan Buds was Sour Apple for $10/gram.  It tested out at 24.4% THC and .4% CBD.  It’s a 60/40 sativa leaning hybrid, and that is how it feels on me.  The nugs were super dense.

Sour Apple is tart, a real lip puckering, teeth freezing, uplifting apple smell and taste! How we have been able to breed this plant to get a specific flavor blows me away.  I know that some nutes enhance certain flavors but I’ve only seen raw, citrus, berry and grape, and of course the herb has to naturally contain that flavor to begin with, these are merely enhancers.

I do feel the headband sensation typical of some marijuana strains, so if you are prone to headaches Sour Apple might not be for you.

I’m feeling happy, getting the giggles, and am quite satisfied with today’s $10/g special!

Now that I’ve savored the effects of the Sour Apple I’m gonna vape the Blue Dream by Golden.   This is the first cart I’ve bought from them, and I picked it because it has a metal tip.  I’ve missed Blue Dream and was thrilled they had it!  I love cannabis 🙂



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