High on Homegrown Tonight

I’m winding down the evening with my own Blue Mammoth.  It’s such a satisfying feeling to know that something I grew tasted good and got me high, I’m truly growing my own medicine!

Half of my plants are outside and I’m grateful that at last we have warm sunny weather for a good week!  The two Night Queen autos are doing wonderfully out there, and I just put bag seed Durban Poison #1 in to the ground after work this evening.  Durban Poison bag seed #2 should sprout tomorrow and be in the ground in a week or so.   The two Black Cream autos should also sprout at about the same time.

I keep fantasizing about my outdoor plants soaking up sun rays beaming down from the skies, soaking up and taking in all the nutes I feed them with through their stems, leaves and buds, trying to picture what stored sweet terpenes look like that will make these buds all frosty and dank..mmm…

I also fantasize about having half a dozen or more mason jars filled to the brim with my own weed in a variety of strains and having enough to make potent edibles and tinctures. And of course, oil for dabs and kief for vape cartridge concentrates.

All these daydreams… praying they don’t get crushed by powdery mildew, but rot, pests, thieves.. I’d be delighted with even just 3 mason jars of homegrown this outdoor grow season!

And to think, if one of the two Durban Poison bag seed plants is a girl I can make clones indefinitely in theory!    Should this happen I may turn the closet in the second bedroom into a grow room and grow more Durban Poison during the year inside and if I get bored  with Durban Poison I can experiment with other bag seed strains I have accumulated for free:

gorilla glue
lemon meringue
star trek
golden pineapple
durban poison
sunset sherbet
potentially dog shit cherry pie

Oh, the possibilities!



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