Lost and Found: God Bud!

Around October of last year when my mother was just a couple of weeks from death I lost a vape pen and attached God Bud cartridge in the car on the way to take care of my mom.

Well today, around seven months later, I found it!  It was in the bottom of one of my cloth shopping bags that I was taking to a discount grocery store today where you bring your own bags.  The God Bud cart is still in working order, and man, does a strain bring back memories!

First of all, while vaping God Bud around the fire out on the patio I’m reminded of how much of an indica gal I really am for the most part.  Oh boy is God Bud nice, and dreamy.. mmm..  it brings back memories of where I purchased it, at the Oregon Grown Gift Shop, which seems to be more or less out of business now, which sucks for me because it was the only neighborhood dispensary, the rest are a good 20+ minute walk from my place.  You could sniff the buds out of the jars yourself, you didn’t have to ask anyone, they were out there to smell.  The budtenders were nice, though their prices were just average.  Still, it was fun to walk over and smell all the new flower!


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