Skunk #1 Chopped Down + 3 Plants Outside

Skunk #1 didn’t turn out to be as big of yield as I thought it would be, given how fast and big it got at first.  Oh well, something is better than nothing, and this was grown indoors with no special lighting other than CFLS.

The 3 plants outside are Night Queen Auto, Black Cream Auto, and bag seed Sunset Sherbet.  I hope to put out another bag seed Sunset Sherbet soon and hope for the best, that at least one of them is a girl!

Given all that can occur outside between now and harvest time, I will be thrilled if even one of these plants makes it.   Even just one full mason jar would make me extremely happy, but of course more is better 😉

If one of the photo plants does well this year (i.e. the Sunset Sherbert) then what I will probably do is cease buying seeds because I will have gained the confidence needed by succeeding one time.  I don’t have many autoflower seeds left but I have gobs of bag seed, mostly Durban Poison – but hey, I like Durban Poison!

The bag seed I have:

Lemon Meringue – 1
Gorilla Glue – 3 or 4
Durban Poison – 40 +
Star Trek 5?
Golden Pineapple 5? (mixed in same bag as the Star Trek)
Sunset Sherbet but possibly some Dog Shit Cherry Pie in this mix, let’s hope not LOL

I love all weed and will be grateful for anything female that makes it.


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