My First RSO Purchase

Today’s haul includes my first RSO oil purchase – It’s 15% off on Waxy Wednesday! I’ve always been curious about it and I asked the budtender how to use it and he said to put it in coffee with heavy milk or cream. Damn it would be tempting to have THAT coffee or tea before work! Maybe tomorrow after work I’ll try some in milk and herbal tea as a lil nightcap!

Tonite I ate the grape Squib for dinner 🙂 I had the med strength kind once and it knocked me on my ass, but this is 1/2 strength for rec users so I ate the whole thing. I’m starting to feel good, and may have to go back there on Medible Monday and get another one.

Whenever I’m there I get some of the daily special, and this time it is Quantum Kush, a sativa dominant hybrid.  Its parents are Irish Kush and Timewreck, and has a nice sweet earthy “green” smell, nothing too distinct but I instantly think and feel green and being in Nature upon sniffing it.

I won’t be trying that tonite though, because I feel this edible creeping in on me and I’m also sipping a glass of wine.

My plants outside are a bit of a joke right now 😦  Both autoflowers look like runts but they are existing, anyway.  Meanwhile, the bag seed Sunset Sherbet is doing very well.  All three plants have powdery mildew and I’m pissed – last year this didn’t happen til around September.  I bought some organic spray to use on them that will arrive next week.

Meanwhile, I have 4 other bag seed Sunset Sherbets going.  Who knows which will make it?  This is why I keep seeding and I can always give away any excess to friends.  I hope to get 2-3 more bag seed plants outside this season and pray that at least one is a girl.  I always say I’ll be esctatic if even one plant makes it!  It would be such a sense of achievement for me.  My indoor autos have done well given their limited environment but they are small plants.  To have a big photo plant with gobs of bud and clone making potential – wow!   Wish me luck!  PPP!



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