The Outside Plants + RSO Drink

From left to right are Night Queen Auto, Black Cream Auto, and Sunset Sherbet bag seed.  They all have powdery mildew, ALREADY, so I ordered an organic spray for them.   Night Queen Auto is finally looking sturdier but still needs to fill out to look less runty.  Black Cream Auto looks like Night Queen Auto did last week, so I’m hoping she fills out and becomes robust too!  Meanwhile, freebie bag seed grew up healthy and hearty looking from the get go!  I have 3 more bag seeds to go out at some point.  Things will get exciting in a few weeks from now, where they are thriving in veg and past the frail stage.   I really can’t wait til I can see what sex they are!  Until now I’ve only used feminized seeds.

The last pic is how I decided to try my RSO oil this evening – I heated up a mug of whole milk in the microwave and steeped some Celestial Seasonings Fireside Vanilla herbal tea along with the oil.  It was delicious, and I am feeling the effects like I do with edibles.  I used a rice sized size and know I can go further next time.

I’m also smoking a bowl of Blackberry Kush to help me wind down.  I’ve slept horribly lately – 2.5 – 4.5 hours per night according to Fitbit – and I’ve also been depressed.  I blame perimenopause for the bulk of it, but also it was this time last year that my mother knew she was dying of a terminal illness (lung cancer) so I associate this beautiful weather with us enjoying her last days with her.  She passed away on October 13th, 2016.


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