Had to get High for Carpet Cleaning

Every year and sometimes twice a year my dad comes over to help me clean my carpets.  We all went in on a machine together and my carpets fill up quickly with cat barf stains, wine spill stains, hair color drips.. and of course the carpet is that neutral off beige gray one that comes in all new townhouses and it shows EVERYTHING.  Anyway, my dad is the best man I’ve ever met but he’s a bit of a wound up stress case when it comes to doing joint projects like this, so I had RSO coffee, did a dab, and sucked on the pen as we whisked the soil away.  I must say it looks GREAT now!  I took him to beer and pizza afterward and the beer mixed with the weed has me smiling 🙂

Before my friend gave me her shatter, torch, butane, glass pieces for dabbing and dab tools, I did have a partial dab rig set up already.  Combined with what my friend gave me, I was able to set up a second dab rig in my bedroom.  Now when I get up at 2 am and know I won’t get back to sleep I can do a dab of indica shatter to help pull me back into Slumberland.

I’m so not ready to let go of the weekend.  Sunday Night Insomnia, here we come!  A friend is coming over for yoga and that should help, but last Sunday night I got 2 hours and 7 minutes of sleep according to Fitbit.  NOT GOOD.

Obviously I enjoy being high all day like yesterday and today.  Monday after work the second I’m done feeding the kitties I run to my bong for a dab!  Marijuana makes just about everything better..

Happy Work Week, Stoners!


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