Dabbable Review: 9 Pound Hammer

I am a lucky girl!  I had been saying to myself, “Man it would be so great to get 9 Pound Hammer as my first indica shatter purchase this Waxy Wednesday to help me sleep”,  and lo and behold, at Glisan Buds they had it!

This 9 Pound Hammer shatter is by Lunchbox Alchemy, and tested at 74.63% THC and .86% CBD.  I love how pure tasting dabs are – prior I had only had 9 Pound Hammer in flower form, so it was a delight to taste the earthy grape without an ashy flavor to it!  I feel good, but not knocked out yet… I now have an indica dab station set up on my nightstand and will more than likely partake again.

At work earlier I was checking out Glisan Bud’s menu on my phone and hoped that the Blackberry Cheesecake would be the special of the day, and it was!  I’m guessing it was made the special because it only tested at 15.22 % THC, however, it smells and tastes divine, and I was wanting some indica flower

I try not to get too hung up on THC % because flower has dozens of different terpenes that come together to create a total flower profile, so after dabbing the 9 Pound Hammer I filled in the cracks with the Blackberry Cheesecake.


I’m feeling relaxed and content at the moment.  Next Wednesday I need to get another vape cartridge, then after that I won’t be back to the dispensary for awhile.  I have lots of flower at the moment, and the shatter and vape cartridges last a good month or more.  Here is a list of the flower I have at the moment:

blackberry kush
blackberry cheesecake
quantum kush
alpha blue
girl scout cookies thin mints
ak-47 (home grown)
skunk #1 (home grown)

The plants outside are doing the same.    Night Queen Auto is looking healthy but not growing very fast, Black Cream Auto looks a bit beat up but has green leaves and I’m hoping she’ll hit “weed” stage soon, bag seed Sunset Sherbet looks wonderful, robust, growing fast… I’m a proud momma and am praying it’s a girl.  I put a new bag seed Sunset Sherbet out today and have a feeling it will do fine too.   Not knowing the sex adds yet a new layer of excitement in the growing process.  I’m loving it!


I have


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