My Two Sex Unknown Plants, Pat and Chris

It’s getting to be funny how far behind I am in growing this year compared to everyone else and compared to last year.  Oh well, it’s a journey, and that’s why I have this blog.  I have 1 autoflower germinating along with 3 bag seeds.  We’ll see what happens and who makes it to weed-hood!

Here is Pat (sex unknown, most likely Sunset Sherbet but could be Durban Poison or Dog Shit Cherry Pie, please don’t be that one lol)  I just topped him/her for the first time a couple of days ago.  Please be a girl!

Here is Chris, who is a couple of weeks younger and also looking good from the same batch of free seeds.


If even one of these is a girl I will be over the moon 🙂  The autoflower, Blue Mammoth, is a guaranteed girl, hoping she will do as well outside as she did for me inside!

I got really stoned today, I think it was the RSO oil that did it. I wake and baked with a Pineapple dab, then had the last of the RSO oil in my coffee.  I need to get more of this next Waxy Wednesday!

I also drank a big Pyramid Outburst IPA and the combo of those has me very sleepy today.  I’ve vaped a few puffs of Blue Dream and am gonna try a virgin strain to me, Dutch Treat – stay tuned for the review!

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend and a wonderful growing season!



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