Sunday Wake -N- Bake: Afwreck Shatter

Sativa Sunday 🙂  this morning I dabbed some Afwreck both before and after my walk up Mt. Tabor.  Afwreck is a sativa dominant hybrid whose parents are Afghani and Trainwreck, and it tastes like pine and grape.  Of course dabs are so pure tasting and always such a treat, the novelty hasn’t worn off.

Afwreck is my third shatter purchase and is made by Lunchbox Alchemy.   It tested at 68.48% THC and almost no CBD.  I gotta say, I am high AF right now!  This definitely feels like a sativa on me and I do feel slight tension in my head but nothing unpleasant – I only mention it because some people are prone to pot headaches so if that is the case with you, I would not recommend this strain.

I was wanting a sativa shatter and this has been enjoyable, though I don’t think I will get Afwreck again simply because there are fruitier tasting and more pleasant effecting sativas out there (like Lemon Haze, OMG).

Getting a new concentrate is so special 🙂  I have really come to appreciate Waxy Wednesdays at Glisan Buds and wonder what my next concentrate will be.   Next week will be a vape cartridge.  The Blue Dream is almost gone and Granddaddy Purple only has a week or two left as well.

Of course the other fun thing about picking up a concentrate is also getting an eighth of the flower special!  This week I picked up Dutch Treat, which has been delightful and needs its own entry.  I feel I need to smoke it on its own without the influence of a dab or something before it, and up until now that hasn’t been the case..


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