Strain Review: Skunk #1 + Waxy Wednesday Acquisitions

I’m so proud to review my home grown weed, Skunk #1, which I got as a free pack of feminized autoflower seeds when I purchased Blue Mammoth Auto from Southern Oregon Seeds.  I loved growing this autoflower indoors because it got really big and had a relatively good yield.  I’m in fact starting a seed of Skunk #1 from that same pack to go outside shortly.

While my homegrown isn’t as terpy as what one would buy at a dispensary, I must say it smells and tastes great all the same and I am very proud of my amateur grow.  Skunk #1 smells and tastes of lime, skunk, and earth.  It’s a sativa hybrid and definitely has a sativa effect on me.  This one gives me sparkles and makes me grin wide.

I smoked a bowl of Skunk #1 then went downstairs to do something. When I came back upstairs I was greeted by a waft of that Skunk #1 haze, and it smelled good!  I feel my eyes getting puffy and all I gotta say is  I hope that Skunk #1 is as successful outdoors for me as it was indoors!

Normally when I review weed I include the THC and CBD percents at the very minimum, but since this is my homegrown I don’t have any data.  It did get me quite high and I felt awake yet dreamy and creative, so I personally recommend this one to foster creativity.

I will say my indoor weed keeps getting better and better, mostly I feel because I use more and more sugary terp inducing nutes.  With this 2nd outdoor grow I’m going heavy on the molasses in veg and will switch to the fancy specific glucose flavored nutes when entering bloom stage

Off to bed!



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