The Now Three Sunset Sherbets

I haven’t posted much lately because it’s been so warm and sunny here in Portland, Oregon, that I’ve spent most of my waking hours at home outside on my patio in the patio pool or what have you taking advantage of outside time.

I got a late start this year with growing and I went with bag seed, more than likely Sunset Sherbet according to the kind budtender at Glisan Buds who gave me a container of around 20 seeds.  To make a long story short, I have 2 bag seed plants outside, and the large one, who I’ve named Chris, is starting to become fragrant and I’m 80% sure it’s a Christina and not a Christopher.

With this conviction, today I cut a lower branch off Christina to make a clone.   I didn’t take a pic of the clone at first because it quickly got wilty and droopy.  However, I heard this could happen.  What I did was cut the branch and immediately put it in a vase of water.  I had a moist and ready jiffy puck at my side so I dipped the clone into rooting hormone then put it in the jiffy puck in a pot next to the other two plants.  I buried the stem as much as I could for support.  Soon the clone looked AWFUL, very droopy and sad, but I kept watering that area every 15 minutes or so with a little water and I sprinkled more rooting hormone on the soil that I’m sure made its way down to the jiffy puck with the stem.

Lo and behold, Clone #1 did perk up quite a bit!  The leaf on the left is still sad looking, but the others were that way too at first.   I hope tomorrow by morning the leaf will be full of water and nutrients again.  I’ve been watering with some Grow Big added in:

Clone #1 is bigger than “Pat”, the other Sunset Sherbet bag seed!  It’s a runt but still growing so I keep nurturing it.  Who knows?  Of course I hope this is Patricia and not Patrick!   Here is bag seed #2, or “Pat”:


Other weed news for me:  The Oregon Grown Gift Shop is back in business for rec users!  This is the dispensary closest to me and I they have cheap CO2 cartridges, and while I dislike vaping with plastic tips, the price was right and I now have 3 sativas by them:  Strawberry Cough, Black Diesel, and Amnesia Haze – all of which have been a godsend this week!  My lungs are a tad testy at the moment so I haven’t smoked flower or dabbed this week, just vaping.

I’m more of an indica gal usually, but these all appealed to me and I’m not disappointed!  Who am I kidding, I love it all, indica, sativa, CBD leaning,whatever…

Two big changes for me:  I’m back to being a vegan.  I was vegetarian for 12 years, vegan for 1.5 years and never felt better.  For several reasons I went back to being an omnivore, but still felt guilty eating meat and contributing to the suffering of animals, and also I’m getting to an age where my friends are coming down with real health issues – high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, etc – and after watching What the Health? on Netflix that sealed the deal for me.  I once again have energy through the roof!

When I was vegan I also didn’t drink alcohol and lost 40 lbs, so after tonite, that is the next step.  Why drink when you can legally use cannabis?  And it’s calorie free!  Luckily I don’t get the munchies too much and when I do I grab fruit.  At Thursday’s Happy Hour at work I’ll have a diet soda or Perrier with lime and the most vegan thing on the menu.

With this I can sleep better and resume my 4am workouts and I will be feeling so much better.  Feeling like a Phoenix!

Hope everyone has a happy and hazy week ahead!


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