Strain Review: Candyland (Cld)

My lungs were feeling a bit touchy awhile back so I’ve mostly been vaping, doing very little flower and dabs.  I’ve been broke so have been buying the C02 cartridges which are cheaper and seem to last me longer, but they are made of plastic so there’s a light plastic aftertaste to them.  For the amount I’m saving though this can be overlooked til I have more cash.

This morning I’ve been vaping Candyland, which tastes like bubblegum and cotton candy – yuuummm!   This cart tested at 54.1% THC and 1.7% CBD and it is a sativa dominant hybrid whose parents are Granddaddy Purple and Platinum Cookies.  I’m enjoying this balanced high and am conducively  working on Art at the moment.  I like this one quite a bit and look forward to buying it in a higher quality cartridge and in dab form to enjoy a purer taste of it!  The high is happy and potent, what more could I ask for on a creative Sunday Art day?  There is a slight pressure in the head so if you’re prone to headaches this might not be for you.   This is a good strain for creativity and a relaxed alertness.




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