Update on the Three (Most Likely) Girls

Hey Stoners, hope your summer is being happily spent in a smoky haze!

It’s been hot in Portland, Oregon, so I’ve not been near my laptop much at home, hence the long absence.  All three Sunset Sherbets are doing well, and I’m 80% they are all girls!

To recap:  I had a late start growing this season so my plants are smaller than everyone else’s.  I’m nonetheless very happy with what I have, and I’m pretty sure they are all girls which is remarkable since this was from free bag seed!   The largest plant, Christina, has stipules and smells fragrant but these types of hairs are found on both males and females.  I think I see other hairs too though, but time will tell for certain.  From Christina I made a clone, and while she looks roughed up here she is actually doing well, has established roots, and I topped her recently.


Christina, the biggest Sunset Sherbet of the three

20170813_094204                                                       Clone #1, Christina’s baby

Lastly, there’s Patricia, who is finally taking off but she is a runt.  I have a feeling in the next month Clone #1 will overtake her in size but we shall see!   Since I wasn’t organized and got a late start this year I’m grateful for the three plants I do have and if even one produces I’ll be happy.


                                      Patricia, same age as Christina, and a total runt

Now if any or all of these are boys and really are Christophers and Patrick, that’s okay too because I can use the leaves in my green smoothies and can save the pollen to pollenate my next female autoflower and thereby create my own strain!  Sunset Sherbet with Black Cream could be really tasty, and I’d have tons of free seeds of it to boot!

The ultimate dream of course is to grow weed that is as tasty as the dispensaries’ weed.   Of all my homegrown so far the Blue Mammoth Auto and Skunk #1 Auto were the most dank, and I did use special terp enhancing nutes on them so I feel I’m at least one tiny step closer.

A grower’s journey never ends!



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