A Blue Magoo St. Paddy’s Day Morning

I thought I’d make today a Blue Magoo day since I have a lot of it in flower since it was the $25 quarter special last week at the Oregon Grown Gift Shop.  This indica dominant hybrid has always been  fave of mine and after the week I’ve had it feels so good to just […]

My $97 Friday Takeaway!

Another score from the Oregon Grown Gift Shop!  The $25 quarter this time was Lemon Crippler at 25.68% THC and .10% CBD.  I found 2 seeds already in the grinder – yay!!  I’ve had such bad luck popping seeds lately that it’s great to keep trying with bag seed until it gets warmer.  I’d be […]

A Tearful Tuesday

On Sunday afternoon my Lover, who I still cherish deeply with all my heart, decided to leave our relationship because he had found Jesus.  I shit you not.  There is so much more to this but that’s all I really want to say here, otherwise I’ll just go down too many rabbit holes.  Suffice it […]

Strain Review: Green Crack – Gc

Lucky me, I found 9 big fat Green Crack seeds in my cheap $25 quarter this week!  I have 2 in water that I’m trying to germinate.  It tested at 16.5% THC and .1% CBD  and mine is labeled as Green Crack #1.  I’m getting plenty high this Wake & Bake Shatterday morning, and am […]

Sunday Score at the Oregon Grown Gift Shop

The current $25 quarter at the Oregon Grown Gift Shop is a fave of mine, Blue Magoo!  It tested out at 16.20% THC and .38% CBD.  I smoked a small nug in my bong and got plenty high and anxiously looked to see if there were any seeds,  but I haven’t seen any yet.  I […]

Black Cream in a Bong

My lungs have been a bit touchy with this last cold so I consumed edibles for a few days.  They are expensive though and I get tired of eating candy.   I tried vaping a little yesterday but it was clearly too soon.  I drank some brandy but my body doesn’t really enjoy alcohol like it […]

Chalice Brand Gummies to the Rescue!

Lucky me, the Valentine’s special was running at Chalice all week so I picked up yet another $60 worth of Chalice’s house brand gummies, already half the price of the name brand ones, and at 25% off – wow!  Even on Medible Monday’s they are only discounted 15%.  Glad I stocked up! because.. unlucky me, […]