Strain Review: Jesus OG (Jes)

I’m vaping Select Strains Elite Jesus OG tonite, because I waked and baked with Platinum Kush earlier today, which forced me to take a nap and wake and bake again 🙂  but this time obviously with a sativa because hey, it’s Saturday and I need to enjoy it and not sleep it all away.  I made […]


  Full disclosure:  I’m high af on Platinum Kush assisted with a glass of brandy at the moment.   There is your cannabis reference, and I’ll say that after this weekend I will more than likely be out of Platinum Kush and I will miss the grape blended with pine taste and effects.  What a […]

A Run of Bad Luck with Seeds

Do cannabis seeds have an age limit?  I have some from the summer of 2016, both bag seed and store bought feminized seeds, and they just aren’t sprouting.  I’m wondering if it’s just too cold in the house,  so I’m starting over with a bag seed I have a lot of, Durban Poison.  I successfully […]

Strain Review: Banana Kush (Bak)

I got the cartridge of the century yesterday at Foster Buds on Glisan!  For Waxy Wednesday I treated myself to Select Strain’s Elite Banana Kush, an indica dominant hybrid.  It tested at 89.6% THC (Whaaatt??) and .88% CBD. Banana Kush’s parents are Ghost OG and Skunk Haze.  I thought it would taste more like bananas, […]

Do You Have Sentimental Glassware? Let’s See It!

Hope you are all as elevated as I am at the moment this Sunday afternoon!  I’m vaping Cinex (around 85% THC) sparingly, since Cinex can wig me out,  while smoking bowls of my potent homegrown indica, Sunset Sherbet.  This is one of my favorite pipes, I got it with a friend of mine from The […]

New Glassware for 2018!

My sister always uses these old icky wooden pipes so I gave her one of the glass ones I wasn’t attached to.  I used that and the new year as an excuse to buy a new pipe, because as we all know the ceremonial aspects of smoking weed is part of the full experience!  This […]