Tonite a Flower Child

For the past couple of months I’ve been vaping almost exclusively with a bowl here and there, a dab here and there… well the past two nights I’ve smoked more flower and wow!  It gets me more high than the vaping!  There is so much more to weed than THC, obviously.. I’m smiling tonight thanks […]

Strain Review: Blue Frost (Blf)

For the second time I’m sharing the day with Blue Frost, a supposed indica dominant hybrid that acts like more of a sativa dominant hybrid on me for some reason.  I am vaping Blue Frost in a cartridge by Select Strains, my favorite brand, and it tested at 84.7% THC and .28% CBD, which is […]

Sunset Sherbet is Curing

I’m so happy 🙂  I only got half a mason jar’s worth or so but it’s the most I’ve reaped to date and it will keep me and my friends stoned for many hours 🙂  It won’t be ready to smoke til around Christmas, and I look forward to opening the jar and smelling it […]

The 2017 Outdoor Grow Yield

Well, it’s not much, is it 🙂  I got a late start this year and basically only had one plant.  Unlike last year, however, it didn’t get powdery mildew or bud rot, so I consider this a success!  Next year will be even better, I’m sure of it! In about mid-November this should be ready […]

My Girl is Becoming a Woman

Well Stoner Fam I am very lucky, both Chris and Pat are Christina and Patricia!    Patricia is still half the size of Christina, but she is really filling out nicely and will produce as well!  Clone 1 currently looks a little beat up and indeed up until about a week ago her life had […]