Lost and Found: God Bud!

Around October of last year when my mother was just a couple of weeks from death I lost a vape pen and attached God Bud cartridge in the car on the way to take care of my mom. Well today, around seven months later, I found it!  It was in the bottom of one of […]

High on Homegrown Tonight

I’m winding down the evening with my own Blue Mammoth.  It’s such a satisfying feeling to know that something I grew tasted good and got me high, I’m truly growing my own medicine! Half of my plants are outside and I’m grateful that at last we have warm sunny weather for a good week!  The two […]

Strain Review: Sour Apple (Sa)

The special of the day at Glisan Buds was Sour Apple for $10/gram.  It tested out at 24.4% THC and .4% CBD.  It’s a 60/40 sativa leaning hybrid, and that is how it feels on me.  The nugs were super dense. Sour Apple is tart, a real lip puckering, teeth freezing, uplifting apple smell and […]

Strain Review: Blue Mammoth Auto

Yes, I’m reviewing my home grown!   The Blue Mammoth has cured for over two months and I’m really enjoying it.  I can’t wait to grow it outside this year and see how big it gets! The nugs came out super frosty, more than any other I’ve grown inside to date.  Blue Mammoth’s parents are […]

Strain Review: Alpha Blue (Abl)

Tonite I’m getting high with Alpha Blue, and I’m thinking maybe I shouldn’t have chosen this one for night time?? ha ha yes, this is a sativa according to Leafly, its parents are Blue Dream and NYC Diesel, and since I love both of those I knew I couldn’t go wrong with Alpha Blue! The […]

Dabbable Review: Pineapple, by Bhombchelly’s

It was Waxy Wednesday at Glisan Buds so I took advantage of the 15% Waxy Wednesday discount and a 10% more off discount from a text coupon and bought my first dabbable, Pineapple BHO extract by Bhombchelly’s. My friend gave me some unlabeled extracts when she gave up dabbing but they are all indicas, so […]