Weekly Update

To the left is Mango, the girl clone.  She hasn’t grown much but is slowly filling out a bit.  She just needs to grow more roots.  At some point I assume she will take off! To the right is my bag seed sex unknown Gorilla Glue, who I just topped for the first time.  It’s […]

Mango! And Gorilla Glue!

A friend of mine with a black thumb and who is going in for surgery gave me her Mango plant!  It was underwatered and spindly looking, so I gave her a good soak and put her under the light.  In a few days she will go outside and join Gorilla Glue! Gorilla Glue is looking […]

Baby Gorilla Glue

It’s a bit of a runt but coming along nicely and still the only one to break through the soil so I’m in love. Crossing my fingers it’s a girl! Still frantically trying to get other seeds going. Stay tuned.

Strain Review: Black Indica

Black Indica was the cheap $25 quarter special tonite at the Oregon Grown Gift Shop.   It is a cross between Pure Kush and Afghan, and this one tested at 26.53% THC and 0% CBD.  I only got one seed this time though, boo!  Black Indica tastes earthy, and  I’m feeling a slight pressure in my […]

I Have 16 Seeds Going

5 of the 16 seeds are feminized, the rest are bag seed.  I’m getting to a point of desperation, obviously 🙂  I have my one baby Gorilla Glue that pushed through the soil and I am ELATED!  It is out of the “ground” but needs to shake off the seed husk still in its own […]

At Last! A Baby Gorilla Glue Sprout!

FINALLY!  I’ve had the hardest time even getting to this point this year!  I’m so grateful that something finally popped through the soil I don’t even care if it’s a boy at this point! I’d like to get 4-6 robust plants out on my patio this summer, and if only one of them is a […]

Buddies Sativa Distilled Cannabis Extract

I took today off work because our work happy hour ran late.  For wake and bake I put some coconut cream in my black coffee and a squirt of the above 84.4% sativa concentrate.  I’m not sure I am doing the dispensing properly but it came with no instructions, so I took the tips off […]