Strain Review: Kimbo Kush (Kim)

This weekend Foster Buds NE was having an eclipse sale so I picked up a $25 eighth of Holy Mango and a $30 eighth of Kimbo Kush, which I have in the bong tonite.  Mine tested out at 20.96 % THC and .95% CBD.  Kimbo Kush smells sweet and earthy, almost like an orange marshmallow, […]

Strain Review: Candyland (Cld)

My lungs were feeling a bit touchy awhile back so I’ve mostly been vaping, doing very little flower and dabs.  I’ve been broke so have been buying the C02 cartridges which are cheaper and seem to last me longer, but they are made of plastic so there’s a light plastic aftertaste to them.  For the […]

Update on the Three (Most Likely) Girls

Hey Stoners, hope your summer is being happily spent in a smoky haze! It’s been hot in Portland, Oregon, so I’ve not been near my laptop much at home, hence the long absence.  All three Sunset Sherbets are doing well, and I’m 80% they are all girls! To recap:  I had a late start growing […]

The Now Three Sunset Sherbets

I haven’t posted much lately because it’s been so warm and sunny here in Portland, Oregon, that I’ve spent most of my waking hours at home outside on my patio in the patio pool or what have you taking advantage of outside time. I got a late start this year with growing and I went […]

Strain Review: Skunk #1 + Waxy Wednesday Acquisitions

I’m so proud to review my home grown weed, Skunk #1, which I got as a free pack of feminized autoflower seeds when I purchased Blue Mammoth Auto from Southern Oregon Seeds.  I loved growing this autoflower indoors because it got really big and had a relatively good yield.  I’m in fact starting a seed […]

Sunday Wake -N- Bake: Afwreck Shatter

Sativa Sunday 🙂  this morning I dabbed some Afwreck both before and after my walk up Mt. Tabor.  Afwreck is a sativa dominant hybrid whose parents are Afghani and Trainwreck, and it tastes like pine and grape.  Of course dabs are so pure tasting and always such a treat, the novelty hasn’t worn off. Afwreck […]

My Two Sex Unknown Plants, Pat and Chris

It’s getting to be funny how far behind I am in growing this year compared to everyone else and compared to last year.  Oh well, it’s a journey, and that’s why I have this blog.  I have 1 autoflower germinating along with 3 bag seeds.  We’ll see what happens and who makes it to weed-hood! […]