Happy New Year!

2017 sucked, less face it.  I mean, Trump.  ‘Nuff said.  Also I spent much of the year grieving my mother who passed away in October of 2016. In around August I came out of my funk and started dating again.  I won’t go into much detail here but I have two lovers who are married […]

Eyeballing the Super Silver Haze Seed

She’s only been in water for a day but I keep peeking at her nonetheless and am now reading up on Super Silver Haze.  I’ve had other Hazes before and loved them, but never Super Silver Haze, and it sounds amazing!  A zesty sativa that has long, spindly leaves – neat!  I haven’t had a […]


A dear friend of mine sent me some seeds in this greeting card.  I am so very, very lucky!  I was down to just two feminized autoflower seeds, and bag seed.  Now I have photo seeds, all feminized -12 Super Silver Haze (I love Haze anythang!!) 3 Dark Angel and 3 White Widow. I started […]

Merry Christmas, Stoners!

Here is my small but Frosty Black Cream Auto.  I used to keep track of how old my autos were but I don’t anymore; they are done when they are done and you can just tell.  She’s small and will have a small yield, but she smells yummo and is getting quite frosty and sticky.  […]

Momma Pink

I was down to one vape pen and since I vape a lot I did NOT want to be without a backup.  Enter Momma Pink!  It weighs twice as much as my other one and is 25% bigger I would say.  I’m guessing she might be able to go 2 days without recharging?  I’m a […]

Sour Diesel Shake!

My friend gave me some sour diesel shake that is so strong I’m smoking it instead of using it for a tincture!  Wow!  I wish my crop came out this dank! I had grandiose visions of working out and cleaning house today but instead I have a bad case of couch lock, even though I’ve […]