Dabbable Review: 9 Pound Hammer

I am a lucky girl!  I had been saying to myself, “Man it would be so great to get 9 Pound Hammer as my first indica shatter purchase this Waxy Wednesday to help me sleep”,  and lo and behold, at Glisan Buds they had it! This 9 Pound Hammer shatter is by Lunchbox Alchemy, and […]

Nightly Stoner Musing

I haven’t been sleeping well lately so I’m trying to get really high before bed.   I did a dab when I got home from work, made some RSO milk tea, have been vaping a high CBC strain, and have smoked a few bowls of Blackberry Kush.  I don’t know if I’m proud or embarrassed to […]

Had to get High for Carpet Cleaning

Every year and sometimes twice a year my dad comes over to help me clean my carpets.  We all went in on a machine together and my carpets fill up quickly with cat barf stains, wine spill stains, hair color drips.. and of course the carpet is that neutral off beige gray one that comes […]

The Outside Plants + RSO Drink

From left to right are Night Queen Auto, Black Cream Auto, and Sunset Sherbet bag seed.  They all have powdery mildew, ALREADY, so I ordered an organic spray for them.   Night Queen Auto is finally looking sturdier but still needs to fill out to look less runty.  Black Cream Auto looks like Night Queen Auto […]

My First RSO Purchase

Today’s haul includes my first RSO oil purchase – It’s 15% off on Waxy Wednesday! I’ve always been curious about it and I asked the budtender how to use it and he said to put it in coffee with heavy milk or cream. Damn it would be tempting to have THAT coffee or tea before […]

Skunk #1 Chopped Down + 3 Plants Outside

Skunk #1 didn’t turn out to be as big of yield as I thought it would be, given how fast and big it got at first.  Oh well, something is better than nothing, and this was grown indoors with no special lighting other than CFLS. The 3 plants outside are Night Queen Auto, Black Cream […]

Lost and Found: God Bud!

Around October of last year when my mother was just a couple of weeks from death I lost a vape pen and attached God Bud cartridge in the car on the way to take care of my mom. Well today, around seven months later, I found it!  It was in the bottom of one of […]