Critical Mass Bag Seed Sprouted

The first Critical Mass seed is going into a jiffy puck tonite, and I have one other Cm seed that will follow in a couple of days.  I’m so excited! I decided for the heck of it to germinate the Blue Widow seed as well, why not?  It will up my chances of getting a […]

Cannabis Tea :)

I left work after lunch yesterday because I felt woozy and like I was coming down with something.  I came home and took a nap, then went to bed around midnight and didn’t get up til 1:00 pm today.  Obviously my body needed the rest;  I’m still a little under the weather. My lungs and […]

Weight Loss and Lowered Tolerance

I’ve lost around 35 pounds these past 6 months from going vegan and not drinking as much, and I tell ya, both weed and alcohol are hitting me much harder than before, which I’m finding quite funny this evening as I’m getting high on just 50% THC concentrates and 28% THC flower and have drank […]

The Easter Egg Hunt for Stoners

So I found that one Critical Mass seed in the $25 for a quarter special and thought for sure there would be more because it was so cheap, but nope, that was the only one.  I’m stoned at the moment on said Critical Mass and am feeling the lazy indica love massage and can’t really […]